Background and activities

MSc in marine hydrodynamics from NTNU (2008). Have been working five years in the industry with hydrodynamic issues related to seakeeping and stationkeeping.

I graduated from NTNU, Dept. of Marine Technology in June 2008 with a MSc degree in marine hydrodynamics. My thesis was on the application of CFD to submarine pipelines, and was supervised by Prof. Bjørnar Pettersen.

The next five years I was working for DNV and Moss Maritime with hydrodynamic issues related to seakeeping and stationkeeping of mainly offshore structures. My experience from this period includes both numerical and experimental work.

In August 2013 I started as a PhD student at AMOS. My PhD work deals with hydrodynamic aspects related to AMOS project 7 which is entitled "Autonomous marine operations in extreme seas, violent water-structure interactions, deep waters and Arctic". The title of the thesis is "Nonlinear Wave Loads on Marine Structures in Extreme Sea States".

My PhD supervisor is Prof. Marilena Greco, while my co-supervisor is Prof. Odd M. Faltinsen.

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