Background and activities

Research interests: Finance (capital markets, financial institutions, financial regulation, risk measures); Energy and Commodity Finance (pricing and risk management in electricity, gas and oil markets)

Methods and skills: Econometrics (applied arnd estimation): regime-switching models, time-varying quantile regression, time series; Multistage stochastic programming: production planning with applications to energy; Financial mathematics: random field modelling


  • November 2016 – ECOMFIN Best Paper Award, Energy and Commodity Finance Conference, Paris.

  • October 2013– DK Gupta Memorial Best Energy Paper Award 2013, Conference Energy Finance, Essen.

Research grants:

       -  EU Grant Horizon 2020, +CityxChange (2018), project partner:

-  Grant offered by the Norwegian Finance Initiative (NFI) to build a PhD Summer School of Finance (2019) at NTNU Business School (50'000 USD)

-   NTNU Research Grant 6 million NOK (2 PhD positions financed for 3 years) (February 2018): Financial challenges for the integration of short term electricity markets with Stein-Erik Fleten

-  Research grant Adolf Øiens donasjonsfond (March 2018), 100`000 NOK, Energizing new computational frontiers

-  Isaac Newton Institute (personal) EU grant: Simons Fellowship, Isaac Newton Institute, Research Stay Cambridge, 15 March—03 May 2019.

-  Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, Research programme Energy-Economy-Society (EWG), 2016. Grant of 120’000 CHF for the research proposal: Econometric analysis of the determinants of electricity wholesale prices

-  Joint grant with the University of Vienna of 40’000 EUR (2010-2013) Energy Policies and Risk Management for the 21st Century

PhD students:

  • supervision:
    • Ranik Raaen Wahlstrøm (quantitative finance)
    • Wei Li (energy finance)
  • co-supervision:
    • Akarsh Kainth
    • Valeriy Kunst

International Research Collaborations:

  • University of St. Gallen (Lehrauftrag)
  • University of Duisburg-Essen (Research Fellow)
  • Queen Mary University of London (Research Fellow)
  • Universities of Oslo and Karlsruhe

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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