Background and activities

I have a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering by the Program of Chemical Engineering (PEQ) from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). My master thesis was about robust predictive controlers applied to a subsea compression system.

On my PhD, I have been working within dealing with produced water from mature fields. To add economical value to produced water, re-injection of produced water for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is generally employed in fields. The remaining produced water is then correctly disposed following environmental standards either in the ocean or to a disposal well. To anticipate the evermore constraining environmental regulations, which inevitable leads to a zero discharge scenario world-wide in the coming years, it is necessary to enable efficient operation of produced water re-injection facilities. This project seeks to investigate energy saving control strategies for produced water reinjection.

My Industrial partner is Okea and I am part of BRU21, a multidisciplinary program uniting academic and industrial experts in Cybernetics and Robotics, Computer and Data Science, Cyber security, Petroleum engineering and Geoscience, Mechanical engineering, Sociology, Management and Economics. The program focuses on creating impact across the oil and gas value chain through novel digital and automation technologies, innovation and people development.