Background and activities

Main areas of research: Pain and palliation in advanced cancer, with the emphasis on genetics. Lung cancer, with the emphasis on genetic risk factors, biomarkers for early detection, effect from therapy and early detection of disease relapse. Areas of teaching: Human genetics.

Professor I, medicine (molecular biologi)

Main areas of research:
Pain and symptom control in patients with advanced cancer disease (palliation); cohort-based studies of genetic variation and response to opioids, including dose requirements, pain relief, adverse effects, and genetics and morphine metabolism. Molecular mechanisms for cancer cachexia.

Lung cancer; genetic risk factors for lung cancer, biomarkers for early detection, tumor heterogeneity and biomarkers for prognosis and effect of therapy, biomarkers for early detection of disease relapse after surgery. Genetics and nicotine dependence.

Has also worked on cellular mechanisms of DNA repair, genetics and diabetes (LADA), genetics and non-malignant pain, etc.

Main areas of teaching:
Human genetics, with the emphasis on population genetics, genetics and disease, gene mapping, gene regulation, methods in genetic diagnostics.

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