Background and activities

Some information about Fride Vullum-Bruer

I came to NTNU in January 2006 and worked as a post doctor until September 2008 when I was offered a position as associate professor within nanotechnology at the Department of Materials Science and Engieneering.

My main research interest are within battery technology. At the moment I have activities spanning the areas of Li-ion, Mg-ion and Li-air batteries. I work mostly with cathode materials, but also have some activity on anodes and electrolytes. My main area of competence is within synthesis and characterization of inorganic materials.

In addition to the battery activity, I am generally interested in synthesis and characterization of inorganic nanostructured materials. I do some work on thin films for photovoltaic applications. And I have previously worked with ceramic materials for fuel cells and gass permeable membranes.

Courses I have taught or am currently taching:

TMT 4320 Nanomaterials

TMT 4245 Functional Materials

TMT 4515 Chemical methods for synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, specialization course

TMT 4510 Nanotechnologi, specialization project

TMT 4345 Material Development

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