Background and activities

Key qualifications:

·         Very good knowledge of biodiversity, taxonomy and ecology of northern European beetles (Coleoptera), bugs (Hemiptera) and wasps (Hymenoptera: particularly Aculeata, Proctotrupoidea and Diaprioidea).

·         Good knowledge of taxonomy and ecology of European, Australian and Neotropical beetles (Coleoptera) true bugs (Heteroptera) and wasps (Hymenoptera, Aculeata)

·         Long experience with assessments and classification of threats and endangered species for Red Data Lists

·         Monitoring and mapping of biological diversity

·         Alien species

·         Nature types

·         International and national experience in experimental research on several aspects of entomology.

·         Broad experience with applied research projects for nature management, private and public employers.

·         Several national and international collaboration partners

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Gjershaug, Jan Ove; Ødegaard, Frode; Staverløkk, Arnstein; Olsen, Kjell Magne. (2016) Records of bilateral gynandromorphism in three species of ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in Norway. Norwegian Journal of Entomology. vol. 63 (1).