Background and activities

My main job is Special Advisor at the Norwegian TSO Statnett, but I also have a part time professor position at NTNU

Chair of 2011 IEEE PES PowerTech Trondheim

Fields of interest:

  • Investment in generation capacity
  • Market design
  • Generation expansion planning, including integration of renewable energy
  • Generation scheduling in hydro-thermal power systems
  • Power system balancing
  • Demand elasticity
  • Use of optimization techniques in power systems


  • Balance Management in International Power Markets
  • GRID - ICT Vulnerabilities of Power Systems
  • The need for new generation capacity in Northern Europe
  • The consequences of climate change for the Electricity System in the Nordic countries
  • Vulnerability Study of the Nordic Power System
  • Competence Building – Capacity Shortage
  • Peaking Capacity in Restructured Power Systems (PhD thesis)

Teaching and Supervision:


Essays (kronikker, in Norwegian)



  • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
  • Energy Policy
  • IET Renewable Power Generation
  • International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems
  • European Transactions on Electrical Power
  • Renewable Energy
  • International Transactions Electrical Energy Systems

Member of professional organizations:

Board positions:





Occasionally I have been engaged in internationaø power system planning projects.

  • 1997-98: Power System Master Plan Nepal
  • 2000: Feasibility Study of the Electrical Interconnection between Venezuela and Columbia:
  • 2001-02: Indicative Master Plan on Power Interconnection in GMS countries
  • 2004: Feasibility Study of the Upper Tama Koshi Hydro Power Project (Nepal
  • 2008-09: Generation Master Plan for the Mozambican Power Sector
  • 2010-11: Mozambique Backbone Project

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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