Background and activities

Geir K Hansen is professor in Architectural and Facilities Management at the Department of Architectural Design and Management, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, NTNU. He is also leader of two master programs in Real Estate and Facilities Management at NTNU. He graduated as an architect from the Faculty of Architecture at the Norwegian Technical University, 1987.

His main field of research is programming, evaluation of processes and buildings, and usability of buildings related to an user and organizational perspective where theory, methods and tools are developed through several projects and case studies. Hansen has previously worked with topics like adaptability and flexibility, new use and transformation of existing buildings and run several architectural design courses on this.

Hansen has been an active member of CiB work group W96 Architectural Management, CiB W70 Facilities Management and will from June 2013 be chair of CiBW111 Usability of Buildings. He has been scientific member of the steering committee for Center for Facilities Management at Denmark Technical University from 2009 - 2013.

He has published a number of scientific papers and articles on usability, adaptability, flexibility in projects and processes and been reviewer for several papers and articles.




Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

  • Fronczek-Munter, Aneta; van der Zwart, Johan; Hansen, Geir Karsten. (2017) How to evaluate Healthcare Buildings? Selction of Methods for evaluating Hospital Architectural Quality and Usability - a case at St. Olavs Hospital in Norway. ARCH17. 3rd International Conference on Architecture, Research, Care and Health. Conference Proceedings.
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