Background and activities

Master of science (sivilingeniør) in electric power engineering, NTH 1984. PhD (doctor ingeniør) in electric power engineering, NTNU 1996. Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Teaching, NTH 1986.

Gerd Kjølle's main position is at SINTEF Energy Research, Department of Energy Systems as Chief Scientist. She is centre director at Centre for Intelligent Electricity Distribution - CINELDI.

Responsible for the PhD course ET8207 Power system reliability

Research areas

  • Smart distribution grid
  • Power system planning, life cycle costs, technical-economic optimization
  • Reliability and security of electricity supply
  • Reliability analysis of power systems
  • Fault and interruption statistics and reliability data modelling
  • Interruption cost assessment
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis of power systems


  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Senior Member
  • The International Council of Large Electric Systems (CIGRE), member
  • Study committee member of CIGRE SC C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation, 2008 - 2016
  • European Safety and Reliability Association, Norwegian section
  • The Norwegian Society of Chartered Technical and Scientific Professionals (Tekna)
  • Norwegian Electrotechnical Association (NEF)


  • Member (employee-elected) of SINTEF Energy Research Board of Directors 2006 – 2012
  • Member of Trondheim Energi Nett Board of Directors 2003 – 2010
  • Member of expert committee on power system operation, appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, 2010 
  • Member of the International Technical Committee for IEEE Powertech Trondheim 2011 and Eindhoven 2015
  • Member of the International Technical Advisory Committee for PMAPS (International conference on probabilistic methods applied to power systems) 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018
  • Member of work programme committee for the research programme Societal security, Research council of Norway, 2012
  • Member of the scientific committee for the Society for Risk Analysis-Europe (SRAE) conference 2013
  • Member of national scientific committee for publication channels within electrical engineering.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Hermansen, Tonje Skoglund; Kjølle, Gerd Hovin; Tutvedt, Kjell Anders; Simonsen, Stig. (2017) Feil- og avbruddshåndtering i smarte distribusjonsnett. Informasjonsteknologi og elektroteknikk - det digitale energiskiftet : NEF teknisk møte 2017, Trondheim 27.-28.april.
  • Tutvedt, Kjell Anders; Seguin, R.; Kjølle, Gerd Hovin; Simonsen, Stig; Hermansen, Tonje Skoglund; Myhr, Ingrid. (2017) Smart fault handling in medium voltage distribution grids. 24th International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution : CIRED 2017 - Proceedings.
  • Ciapessoni, Emanuele; Cirio, Diego; Pitto, A.; Kjølle, Gerd Hovin; Jakobsen, Sigurd Hofsmo; Sforna, Marino. (2016) Contingency screening starting from probabilistic models of hazards and component vulnerabilities. 19th Power Systems Computation Conference PSCC 2016.
  • Gjerde, Oddbjørn; Kjølle, Gerd Hovin; Jakobsen, Sigurd Hofsmo; Vadlamudi, Vijay Venu. (2016) Enhanced method for reliability of supply assessment - an integrated approach. 19th Power Systems Computation Conference PSCC 2016.
  • Kjølle, Gerd Hovin; Eggen, Arnt Ove; Vefsnmo, Hanne; Heggset, Jørn; Bostad, A.; Trøtscher, Thomas; Solheim, Øystein R.. (2016) Norwegian disturbance management system and database. CIGRE, Session Proceedings 2016.
  • Solheim, Øystein R.; Trötscher, Thomas; Kjølle, Gerd Hovin. (2016) Wind dependent failure rates for overhead transmission lines using reanalysis data and a Bayesian updating scheme. 2016 International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems, PMAPS 2016.
  • Vadlamudi, Vijay Venu; Hamon, Camille; Gjerde, Oddbjørn; Kjølle, Gerd Hovin; Perkin, Samuel. (2016) On Improving Data and Models on Corrective Control Failures for Use in Probabilistic Reliability Management. 2016 International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems, PMAPS 2016.
  • Kjølle, Gerd Hovin; Gjerde, Oddbjørn Idar. (2015) Vulnerability analysis related to extraordinary events in power systems. PowerTech Eindhoven 2015.