Background and activities

I am a researcher at the programme for applied ethics.

My background is in religious studies, social anthropology and philosophy. My research is mostly centred on health and medicine, with particular emphasis on questions regarding the borderlands of life, end of life, and death. I have also conducted research on energy transitions and adoption of new energy technologies.

My interests include

  • Assisted dying
  • The relationship(s) between human and machine
  • Healthcare ethics
  • Ethnographic methods in applied ethics
  • Neoliberalism and individual responsibilisation
  • Technologies in use/practice
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Business and ethics
  • RRI

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Lettmayer, Gudrun; Schwarzinger, Stephan; Koksvik, Gitte; Skjølsvold, Tomas Moe; Velte, Daniela; Dimitrova, Elena; Tasheva-Petrova, Milena; Burov, Angel; Mutafchiiska, Irina; Biresselioglu, Mehmet Efe; Demir, Muhittin Hakan; Solak, Berfu. (2018) The impact of “Energy memories” on Energy Cultures and energy consumption patterns. 2018.
  • Sæther, Simen Rostad; Qiu, Xinlu; Skaar, Marianne; Røyrvik, Jens Olgard Dalseth; Nilsen, Marie; Gauteplass, Asle; Johansen, Jens Petter Kirkhus; Klöckner, Christian A.; Moe, Espen; Koksvik, Gitte; De Boer, Luitzen. (2018) Policy Recommendations: An analysis on collective and energy related decision- making processes of three formal social units. 2018.
  • Biresselioglu, Mehmet Efe; Biresselioglu, Mehmet Efe; Burov, Angel; Carrus, Giuseppe; Demir, Muhittin Hakan; Dimitrova, Elena; Fritsche, Immo; Kaplan, Melike Demirbag; Kløckner, Christian; Koksvik, Gitte; Masson, Torsten; Mutafchiiska, Irina; Panno, Angelo; Røyrvik, Jens Olgard Dalseth; Schwarzinger, Stephan; Skjølsvold, Tomas Moe; Tasheva, Milena; Tiberio, Lorenza; Velte, Daniela; Vesely, Stepan. (2017) ECHOES Report. Social Science Perspectives on Electric Mobility, Smart Energy Technologies, and Energy Use in Buildings - A comprehensive Literature Review. 2017.
  • Throndsen, William; Skjølsvold, Tomas Moe; Koksvik, Gitte; Ryghaug, Marianne. (2017) Case study report Norway - Findings from case studies of PV Pilot Trøndelag, Smart Energi Hvaler and Asko Midt-Norge. 2017.
  • Koksvik, Gitte. (2016) Blurry lines and Spaces of tension. Clinical-ethical and Existential issues in Intensive Care. A study of Three European Intensive Care Units. 2016. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU (2016:184).