Background and activities

I work as an assistant professor in counselling science at the Department of Education and Life-Long Learning. Here, I teach and supervise in both bachelor, master and further education programs. I teach themes such as group development, ethics and professionality, existential-humanistic theory, phenomenology, and values and choice processes within career guidance. 

My doctoral thesis is about coaching leadership and has the title: "When coaching flows into leadership: A phenomenological-hermeneutical study of leaders' lived experience of coaching leadership". In this research I have looked into leaders' experience of using coaching as a part of their leadership. 

The existential-humanistic perspective is a core theoretical lense to me, both in the doctoral project and in other instances. Whether one focuses on coaching, mentoring, guidance, career counselling or other helping relations or processes I am interested in the conditions that foster good helping relations and experiences in individual and group contexts, and how qualities of the helping relationship might contribute to this. 

I am involved in several research projects with different foci. Together with several colleagues I am working on how we can offer students support in academic writing, both in practice and research. I am also involved in a research project related to the course Experts in Teams, where we look into conditions for collaboration in interdisciplinary teams. Furthermore I am working on a book about career guidance together with a colleague where we look into various aspects of testing and mapping as a part of the guidance process.