Background and activities

I work as an associate professor in counselling at the Department of Education and Life-Long Learning, NTNU. My master and doctoral degrees are both within the field of counseling from NTNU. My doctoral research was about how leaders experience integrating elements of coaching in their leadership.

At the moment I am Academic Programme Director of the Bachelor of counselling and adult learning, where I also teach, in addition to teaching and supervising in the master of counselling science and teaching in the further education course «Career counseling for private and public enterprises”.

I teach themes such as group development and group dynamics, ethics and professionalism, existential-humanistic counselling theory, phenomenologic-hermeneutic method, values and decision-making processes. All with guidance, coaching, mentoring and carreer counseling as the context.  

Research wise I am interested in how one might arrange for good collaboration processes in teams, and how to help students develop scientific thinking and writing in academia.

Professional interests

  • Ethics and professionlism in counseling
  • Group dynamics and group counseling/team development
  • Person-centered theory
  • Relation-centered education
  • Academic writing

Ongoing research projects

  • Training feedback skills in teams, research on focus-group data from interdisciplinary student teams in “Experts in Teams”
  • Relational conditions in digital learning environments: research based on focus group data/reflection logs from a further education course
  • U-kirke Trondheim: Co-creation of a church arena for young people in Trondheim

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Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Kvalsund, Ragnvald; Roald, Gunhild Marie. (2019) Sjølvinnsikt i eit relasjonsperspektiv. Selvinnsikt og profesjonalitet.
  • Roald, Gunhild Marie. (2015) Coaching og coachende lederskap. Rådgivningsvitenskap Helhetlige rådgivningsprosesser: relasjonsdynamikk,vekst, utvikling og mangfold.


  • Roald, Gunhild Marie. (2016) When coaching flows into leadership: A phenomenological-hermeneutic study of leaders' lived experience of coaching leadership. 2016.
  • Roald, Gunhild Marie. (2009) Veiskillets metodikk - relasjonen og fellesskapet som grunnmur i boligsosialt arbeid. 2009.
  • Roald, Gunhild Marie. (2005) I fri flyt - en Q-metodologisk studie av flyt i arbeidsgrupper. 2005.