Background and activities

In my Ph.D. project, I explore the phenomenon coaching leadersip by looking into leaders' experience. The research question guiding the project is: "How is coaching leadership experienced by leaders, and how does coaching influence leadership?"

By a a phenomenological-hermeneutic approach and a qualitative research design, 20 leaders from different Norwegian companies, who have all participated in a 3-module coaching course, have been interviewed. 10 of these have been interviewed individually, and in addition, two focus group interviews have been arranged. 

An overarching purpose of the project is to contribute to the knowledge development within the field of coaching leadership - most often referred to as "managerial coaching". This phenomenon seems to have a strong impact in the practical domain, but there is a need for more research in general and particularly, studies focusing on the leader perspective.  

The title of the thesis is: "When coaching flows into leadership - a phenomenological-hermeneutic study of leaders' lived experience of coaching leadership". It is written as a  monograph in English, and the project will be terminated in autumn 2016.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Part of book/report

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