Background and activities

Research area

My research addresses questions in behavioral ecology and evolution. It aims to provide an understanding on how changes in the environment can affect the evolution of indivual behavior. My research involves:

  • Evolution of sex roles
  • Sexual selection and secondary sexual characters
  • Sex role reversal
  • How reproductive behavior in animals are affected by changes in the environment
  • How captivity affects animals

Research Group: Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD)


  • Professor at NTNU in ethology [ 1998 -
  • Associate Professor at AVH (Norwegian College of General Sciences) in ethology [ 1994 - 1998 ]
  • Postdoc at Univ. of Georgia research in behavioral ecology [ 1993 - 1994 ]
  • Postdoc at Univ. of California at Santa Barbara research in evolutionary biology [ 1990 - 1993 ]
  • PhD from Uppsala University title:
    "Sex role reversal in pipefish" [ 1990 ]
  • Bachelor from Uppsala University in Biology [ 1983 ]

Honors and Professional Memberships

  • Leader Norwegain Society for Ecology 2012-2016
  • Leader Nordic Society for Ecology 2012-2014
  • President International Society of Behavioral Ecology 2012-2014
  • President Elect International Society of Behavioral Ecology 2010-2012
  • General Secretary International Society of Ethologists 2011-2015
  • Vice Secretary General International Society of Ethologists 2007-2011
  • Secretary for the International Council of Ethology 2003-2007
  • Council member of the International Council of Ethology 1997-2005
  • Leader for the Norwegian Marine Society 2004-2007

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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