Background and activities

Part of the section for Science Education Research at university level, at the Department of Physics.

Part of SEED, center for Science and Engineering Education Development. SEED contributes expertise to the pedagogical development of courses, study programs and employees - with a focus on student-active learning. Part of TettPÅ-project.


  • Student active learning
  • Formative assessment with dialogue and reflection
  • Innovative learning spaces
  • Student response technology


Physics subjects in connection with bachelors engineering, pre-courses and vocational teacher education. Has previously also taught mathematics and statistics.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Andersen, Trine Højberg; Marøy, Øystein; Korpås, Guri Sivertsen. (2020) How to scale up an active learning design from 50 to 500 students. ‘ENGAGING ENGINEERING EDUCATION’- SEFI 48TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS.
  • Andersen, Trine Højberg; Rolstad, Knut Bjørkli; Korpås, Guri Sivertsen. (2020) Designing good practices for teaching and managing multi-campus courses. ‘ENGAGING ENGINEERING EDUCATION’- SEFI 48TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS.
  • Korpås, Guri Sivertsen; Kahrs, Magnus Strøm; Andersen, Trine Højberg. (2019) Peer learning and concept test, Formative assessment a learning opportunity. Varietas delectat… Complexity is the new normality Proceedings SEFI 2019. SEFI 47th Annual Conference. Budapest, 16-20 September, 2019.
  • Andersen, Trine Højberg; Korpås, Guri Sivertsen; Hansen, Gabrielle; Kahrs, Magnus Strøm. (2018) The interactive whiteboard supports joint focus in collaborative learning. Proceedings of the 46th SEFI Annual Conference.
  • Arnesen, Ketil; Korpås, Guri Sivertsen; Hennissen, Jon Eirik; Stav, John Birger. (2012) Experiences With use of Various Pedagogical Methods Utilizing a Student Response System. The Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on e-Learning.
  • Arnesen, Ketil; Stav, John Birger; Hansen-Nygård, Gabrielle; Korpås, Guri Sivertsen; Talmo, Tord Mjøsund. (2012) EVALUATION OF USE OF STUDENT RESPONSE SYSTEM IN PREQUALIFICATION CLASSES FOR ENGINEERING EDUCATION. INTED2012 Proceedings 6th International Technology, Education and Development Conference.
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