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  • Korpås, Guri Sivertsen; Kahrs, Magnus Strøm; Andersen, Trine Højberg. (2019) Peer learning and concept test, Formative assessment a learning opportunity. Varietas delectat… Complexity is the new normality Proceedings SEFI 2019. SEFI 47th Annual Conference. Budapest, 16-20 September, 2019.
  • Andersen, Trine Højberg; Korpås, Guri Sivertsen; Hansen, Gabrielle; Kahrs, Magnus Strøm. (2018) The interactive whiteboard supports joint focus in collaborative learning. Proceedings of the 46th SEFI Annual Conference.
  • Arnesen, Ketil; Korpås, Guri Sivertsen; Hennissen, Jon Eirik; Stav, John Birger. (2012) Experiences With use of Various Pedagogical Methods Utilizing a Student Response System. The Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on e-Learning.
  • Arnesen, Ketil; Stav, John Birger; Hansen-Nygård, Gabrielle; Korpås, Guri Sivertsen; Talmo, Tord Mjøsund. (2012) EVALUATION OF USE OF STUDENT RESPONSE SYSTEM IN PREQUALIFICATION CLASSES FOR ENGINEERING EDUCATION. INTED2012 Proceedings 6th International Technology, Education and Development Conference.
  • Talmo, Tord Mjøsund; Korpås, Guri Sivertsen; Mellingsæter, Magnus Strøm; Einum, Even. (2012) Experiences with Use of New Digital Learning Environments to Increase Academic and Social Competence. ICERI 2012 Conference Proceedings.