Background and activities


Communications manager for campus development at NTNU.

  • Internal and external communications - strategy, planning and operative communications
  • Consultation, coordination and management support, primarily in change communication
  • Content production and development, mainly in digital channels


Relevant experience:

2012 - 2015: Communications advisor, HIST - project and change communication

  • Responsibility for communication and process management (user involvement) in HiSTs campus development.
  • Responsible for user involvement - strategy, planning and activities - in HiSTs campus development projects
  • Operative leader of subproject Communication and lead in the resource group Internal Communication in the Merger Project (2015).
  • Responsible for communications in the IT-implementation program ISiHiST.

2011-2012: Communications manager, LOS-program in the Armed Forces

  • Lead of communications efforts for the program's two development in HR and logistics.
  • Communications Advisor for program management and project managers
  • Development and implementation of communication strategies and plans
  • Editorial responsibility for the program and the underlying projects on inter- and intranet sites.
  • Responsible for media management

2008-2011: Communications manager, Logistics Project in the Armed Forces

  • Communications Advisor for project management, development of strategies and plans, implementation of communications activities, production of information material
  • Editorial responsibility for inter- and intranet.
  • Team leader Communications and information management

       - 2008: Freelance storyteller and theatre educator


Relevant education:

2009-2012: Armed forces program for Project Management

2011: Practical communication work, Bergen University College

2005-2008: Master of Culture and idea studies, University of Oslo

2002-2005: College degree in drama and theatre communication, Oslo University College

2000-2002: Bachelor of Culture and Social Sciences, University of Oslo