Background and activities

I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and work part time as a senior doctor at an outpatient clinic, BUP Rosten, and part time as an associate professor at RKBU. 


  • Cand.Med. 2001 (university of Tromsø)
  • 2003-09 worked as a resident at different departments of St.Olavs Hospital in Trondheim: Department of Pathology, Gynecology and the Cancer Clinic
  • 2009 I began my specialization in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • 2013-17 PhD
  • 2018 Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Fields of interest

I am interested in mental health of children and adolescents, and especially in long-term consequences of childhood adversity.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Lund, Line Knutsen; Bakke, Ingunn; Reitan, Solveig Merete Klæbo; Vestvik, Vegard; Berthold-Losleben, Mark; Greger, Hanne Klæboe; Martinsen, Nils; Syverud, Kari; Trydal, Elise Constance; Hojem, Thea Sofie Melhuus; Nordvik, Cicilie. (2019) Fornyet psykiatriundervisning og praksis ved NTNUs medisinstudium. 2019.
  • Greger, Hanne Klæboe. (2017) Youth at risk: Childhood adversity, psychopathology, and quality of life among adolescents in residential youth care. 2017. ISBN 978-82-326-2367-9.