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Journal publications

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  • Skotte, Hans Narve; Helsing Almaas, Ingerid. (2017) Lead Article; ACTION AND REACTION. THE WORK OF ARCHITECTS IN NORWAY. World architecture.
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  • Skotte, Hans. (2005) Nasjonal identitet i dagens arkitektur. Byggekunst.


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  • Skotte, Hans; Cukur, Melita; Magnusson, Kjell; Molander, Joakim. (2005) "Returning Home; An Evaluation of SIda's Integrated Areas Programmes in Bosnia & Herzegovina". 2005. ISBN 91-586-8680-0.

Part of book/report

  • Wang, Yu; Skotte, Hans Narve. (2016) Still at Risk after Reconstruction: How Does the Mode of Reconstruction Cause New Vulnerabilities when Rebuilding a Vernacular Cultural Heritage Settlement?. Planning for Community-based Disaster Resilience Worldwide: Learning from Case Studies in Six Continents.
  • Wellinger, Steffen; Skotte, Hans Narve; Archipovaite, Elena. (2016) Insights from NTNU Live Studio. aae2016 International Peer-reviewed Conference on ‘Research Based Education’ hosted by The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, UCL, UK, 7-9 April 2016 Volume Two.
  • Skotte, Hans. (2015) The Rise of Tyin Tegnestue. Tyin Tegnestue IN DETAIL.
  • Skotte, Hans. (2014) Teaching to Learn - Learning to Teach: Learning Experiences from the Reality of an Ever-Changing World. Alternative Development: Unravelling Marginalization, Voicing Change.
  • Wang, Yu; Skotte, Hans. (2014) Reconstruction after Reconstruction: A Study of the Post-Earthquake Reconstruction of Taoping Village, a Traditional Qiang Settlement in Sichuan, China. Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters in China, Japan and Beyond.