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About Harald Rise:

Harald Rise is educated at the State Academy of Music, Oslo, with bachelor in church music and organ soloist diploma (master). Besides, he has studied organ interpretation with Daniel Roth (Paris) and David Sanger (London). Rise made his debut as organ soloist in 1981, and has later toured as organ recitalist and accompanist in Europe, USA and Canada. He has performed regularly in NRK radio and TV, made 8 organ solo CD's and contributed in many others.

Rise is the leader of the organ and church music education at the Department of Music, NTNU. He teaches organ interpretation, liturgical organ playing, organ history/technology, and music history.

In addition to his career as organ recitalist, Rise is also active as musicologist. In this field he has mainly worked with symphonic and impressionistic organ music. In 2002 he was awarded the PhD degree with a treatise on organ works by Maurice Duruflé. Rise has also published on topics concerning the romantic organ culture and performance practice, and organ and technology.


VCD 19061, Organ works on Gregorian themes. Works by Ludvig Nielsen, Otto Olsson and Maurice Duruflé. Recorded in Helligåndkirken, København.

VCD 19062, Vierne organ symphonies no 2 & 5. Recorded in i Luleå cathedral, Sweden.

VCD 19107, Ludvig Nielsen Organ Works. Recorded in Haderslev cathedral, Denmark.

SONCD 6004, Organ Concert. Works by Bach, Händel, Vivaldi, Beethoven and Mozart.  Recorded at the Wagner organ in Nidaros cathedral, Trondheim.

SONCD 6005, Organ impressions. Works by Duruflé, Ravel and Bonnal. Recorded in Katarinakyrkan, Stockholm.

SONCD 6006, Bach recital. Recorded at the Wagner organ in Nidaros cathedral, Trondheim.

EUCD 52, Ave Maria. Lemare, Reger, Jongen, Sandvold and Karg-Elert. Recorded at the Sauer organ in Vår Frue kirke, Trondheim.

EUCD 55, The French romantic organ at the Music conservatory of Trondheim. Alain, Bossi, Karg-Elert, Vierne. Recorded in the Organ hall of Dep. of Music, NTNU:

Some publications:

Orgelet og teknologien, tradisjon - innovasjon (red.) Tapir akademisk forlag 2008.

Individ eller eksemplar? Om den romantiske orgelestetikk og Sauerorgelet i Vår Frue kirke. In: Vår Frue kirke - 800 år i byens hjerte. Tapir Akademisk Forlag 2007.

Max Regers og Sigfrid Karg-Elerts orgelmusikk - en sammenlignende stilstudie. In: Studia Musicologica Norvegica. Universitetsforlaget 2006.

Pedalklaveret. In: Orgelspeilet 2006.

Orgelet og impresjonismen. En studie av impresjonistiske aspekter i orgelverket av Maurice Duruflé. PhD treatise. Trondheim: Det historisk-filosofiske fakultet, NTNU 2002

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Rise, Harald. (2018) Utdatert eller uunnværlig? Om orgelets status i kult og kultur. Del 1/2. Luthersk Kirketidende.
  • Rise, Harald. (2016) En norsk orgelstil? Om nasjonale spor i norske orgelverker 1850-2010. Studia Musicologica Norvegica. vol. 42.
  • Rise, Harald. (2014) Instrumentenes konge - eller: Monsteret som aldri trekker pusten?. Norsk Kirkemusikk.
  • Rise, Harald. (2012) Aspekter ved norsk orgelkultur. Orgelspeilet.
  • Rise, Harald. (2010) Det fransk-romantiske orgelet ved NTNU Trondheim. Orgelspeilet. vol. 21 (2).
  • Rise, Harald. (2006) Pedalklaveret. Orgelspeilet. vol. 17 (1).
  • Rise, Harald. (2006) Max Regers og Sigfrid Karg-Elerts orgelmusikk - en sammenlignende stilstudie. Studia Musicologica Norvegica. vol. 32.

Artistic productions

  • Rise, Harald. (2019) CD: Organ Portraits - SONCD 6010. CD: Organ Portraits - SONCD 6010
  • Rise, Harald. (2019) CD: Organ miniatures II - SONCD 6009. Pieces en style libre/Five short pieces
  • Rise, Harald. (2018) Konsert i Rennebu kirke. Konsert i Rennebu kirke
  • Rise, Harald. (2018) Orgelkonsert i Nidarosdomen. null
  • Rise, Harald. (2016) Orgelkonsert i Nidarosdomen. null
  • Rise, Harald. (2016) Orgelkonsert i Vang kirke. null
  • Rise, Harald. (2016) Orgelkonsert ved Egil Hovland-festivalen. null
  • Rise, Harald. (2016) Orgelkonsert ved Trondheim orgelfestival. Konsert ved Trondheim orgelfestival
  • Rise, Harald. (2015) Organ miniatures - SONCD 6008. SONOR Records, Trondheim. 2015.
  • Rise, Harald. (2014) Konsert i Berkåk kirke. null
  • Rise, Harald. (2014) Konsert i Stangvik kirke. null
  • Rise, Harald. (2014) Orgelkonsert i Bodø Domkirke, Bodø Internasjonale Orgelfestival. null
  • Rise, Harald. (2014) Orgelkonsert ved årskonferanse Norsk orgelkonsulentforening. null