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1995-2008: Lunar climate variability model
Q: Is there deterministic periods in Atlantic climate?
M: Wavelet spectrum analysis of climate data series
R: A 18.6 year lunar tide spectrum is identified in North Atlantic water temperature, the NAO winter index, Arctic ice extent and rainfall in Norway.

2014-2016: Solar irradiation variability model
Q: Is there deterministic periods in solar variability?
M: Wavelet spectrum analysis of sunspots and TSI data series
R: Identification of stationary TSI periods from 11 to 500 years
R: The sun TSI variability, is controlled by the four large planets
R: Deterministic TSI simulation model from 1000 A.D to 2100
R: Computed new Maunder/Dalton TSI solar minimum from 2040-60

2014-2017: Global climate variability model 

Q: Is there stationary global temperature periods?
M: Wavelet spectrum analysis of global data series
R: Global temperature variability is controlled solar-lunar periods from 11 to 2000 years
R: We may expect a colder climate to a minimum in 2090


1995-2009: Modelling the Barents Sea eco dynamics
Q: Is there deterministic periods in the Barents Sea ecosystem?
M: Wavelet spectrum analysis and cybernetic modeling
R: The Barents Sea eco system is adapted to the 18.6-year lunar nodal tide by resonance in lifecycles.

2013-2016: Optimum Seafarm management
Q: Is there a optimum position and optimum production in a set of fish farms?
M: Agent based modeling to forecast the risk of virus between fish farms?
M: Agent based methods to optimize position and production.
R: Agent-based simulation, under investigation

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

  • Cao, Yanran; Stene, Anne; Yndestad, Harald; Kommisrud, Elisabeth. (2016) Impact of Brominated Flame Retardants on Embryo Development of Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua) during Early Life Stages. OCEANS 2016 Shanghai - MTS/IEEE.
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