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Field / work area
Professor emeritus in simulation and participates in the department's subject group for Digital Transform. The research interest is currently climate analysis and climate models. Competence Special competence: Digital Transform: System theory, swarm theory, smart cities. Climate models: Wavelet spectrum analysis of data series. Modeling the solar system's control of global climate change, Arctic climate change and the ecosystem in the Barents Sea.

Teaching: 1981-2016: Cybernetics, Systems Theory, Time Series, Intelligent Systems, Swarm Theory.

Positions: Elected principal for 4 election periods. Board member of the university college board, Forskerforbundet, Ingeniøruddanningsrådet, board member of Den Norske Dataforening, leader of Faglig Råd of Den Norske Dataforening, one of founders of IFIP wg 3.7 education management and more. 


1970-1980 NDR-Kjeller: Development of computers, pattern recognition. 

1980-1995 MRIH / HiÅ: Cybernetics in instrumentation. 

1995-2005 HiÅ: Modeling of Arctic climate and marine ecosystems. 

2005-2014 HiÅ / NTNU: Swarm-based modulation of smart cities in virtual landscapes. 2014-2020 NTNU: Modeling of the solar system, global climate and Arctic climate, climate change towards the year 2100.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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