Background and activities

Hasan is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Economics and Management at NTNU, within the Operations Management research group. His research is part of the Research Centre on Zero Emission Neighborhoods in Smart Cities (FME ZEN), where he investigates new procurement strategies to improve public private collaboration in ZEN projects. Hasan has a Master's Degree in Project Management from NTNU, with a specialization in Industrial engineering. 

After his Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Hasan worked in the Building and Construction Industry for 5 years, where he gained experience from large-scale, international projects in the field of the Engineering and Project Management.



Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications


  • Hamdan, Hasan; De Boer, Luitzen. (2018) The Potential of Public Procurement to Achieve Low or Zero-emission Construction Sites - A case study from Norway. 2018.


  • Hamdan, Hasan. (2020) Promoting innovation in sustainable neighborhood (SN) projects – Lessons from complex and megaprojects. 5th Geography of Innovation Conference . University of Stavanger; Stavanger. 2020-01-29 - 2020-01-31.
  • Hamdan, Hasan; Østensen, Maren Wiktorin; De Boer, Luitzen. (2019) Green dialogue-based public procurement An approach to reduce emissions at construction sites. 28th IPSERA Conference 2019 . IPSERA; Milan. 2019-04-15 - 2019-04-17.