Background and activities

Ph.D. and B.Eng. in Computer Science

Research in Big Data and Industrial Internet of Things, High Performance computing (data processing and AI), Software Engineering (formal methods, software certification for safety-critical systems), Security (blockchain, fair exchange, eavesdropping). Application domains include health (cancer, elderly care, medical devices), finance, marine (marine traffic and operations, aquaculture), and sustainable water and energy.

Latest news

Teaching AI; Deep Learning.

Academic activities


  • Outstanding Paper Award, IEEE CPSCom 2019
    • J. Zhou, H.N.Dai, and H.Wang, Portable Convolution Neural Networks for Traffic Sign Recognition in Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Outstanding Leadership Award, IEEE CIT 2017
  • Outstanding Service Award, DataCom 2015
  • Certificate of Appreciation, McMaster Centre for Software Certification, 2014

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