Background and activities

CenSES Conferene 2017 Slides

A central research topic in CenSES is understanding how different middles and political decisions affect the transition to a sustainable energy system. We develop models that look at optimal desing of the future energy system and take into account uncertainty both in short and long-term. That means that the models consider both energy production from non-dispatchable sources like the solar, wind and hydropower, and long-term trends and policy uncertainty. The tools that are used are stochastic optimization models and equilibrium models.

In my first project I am developing the model EMPIRE to cope with flexible consumers demand. In the following I will do research on long-term uncertainty that affect the system development, and later I will study the flexibility that can be achieved by CHP.

My supervisors are Asgeir Tomasgard and Ruud Egging.

In addition I am participating in the European SET-NAV project.


H. Marañon-Ledesma and E. Tedeschi, "Energy storage sizing by stochastic optimization for a combined wind-wave-diesel supplied system," 2015 International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA), Palermo, Italy, 2015, pp. 426-431. doi: 0.1109/ICRERA.2015.7418449. URL: