Background and activities

Photo: Geir Mogen

Research Interests 

Political communication; Social Media; Digital Campaigning; Media Sociology; Network Media Logic; Big Data. 

PhD project 

Social media platforms have opened up for a plethora of practices for producing and consuming political communication, and election campaigns all over the world have integrated social media practices in their campaign toolkit. In my PhD project, I put platform comparisons to the center stage in an effort to contribute to building insights into how we can grasp the political and democratic consequences of new technological practices being integrated in political campaigning. I use a multi-method study design to explore the strategies of political parties on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during the 2021 parliamentary election campaign in Norway. I investigate the campaign from a content, party and voter perspective by the means of (1) an extensive quantitative content analysis of parties’ and party leaders’ campaign posts on social media, (2) in-depth interviews with campaign professionals of the Norwegian parties and (3) an analysis of what “engagement” the content evoked by looking at engagement metrics.

My PhD project is a part of DigiWorld, a scientific collaboration network aiming to research and compare election campaign strategies in digital communication channels. 

I am part of the "Elections, Values and Political Communication (EVPOC)" research group at NTNU. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Part of book/report

  • Tønnesen, Hedvig; Reutter, Lisa Marie; Magin, Melanie. (2021) Når alt vi gjør registreres og systematiseres: Stordata i hverdagen. Den digitale hverdagen.