Background and activities


Associate professor in Scandinavian Language.
Contact person for the academic issues regarding further education at the Section for Scandinavian Studies, Deptartement for Language and LIterature

Teacher of the Year at Faculty of Humanities 2012/13

"New ideas about teaching", Universitetsavisa 29.04.2013
Pictures from the award lecture at HUMSTART 14.08.2013

SINTEF-prize for excellent pedagogical work at NTNU in the academic year 2012/2013
Pictures from the awarding of the SINTEF-price 22.11.2013: Johan Hustad presents the award and Happy award winner.


  • Generative grammar
  • Grammar didactics
  • Comparative grammar
  • Syntax in texts written by hearing impaired
  • Text linguistics
  • Topicalization and related phenomena
  • (Im)politeness
  • Human-computer-communication
  • Text book analysis

Project leader for PROSJEKTIL (project innovative teacher education) 10. january 2014 ->
The University Paper (10.01.2014) writes about the allocation of funding to Innovative Education at NTNU including PROSJEKTIL: Lionized the winners
The Dean at Faculty of Humanities blogs about PROSJEKTIL
Short information about PROSJEKTIL

Project leader for Komparativ språkanalyse i engelsk og norsk (KOSEN). Project blog:
Member of the Faculty of Humanities' interdisciplinary priority programme:  Language Technology, Language Aquisition, Theoretical Linguistics (SSTL)

Member of the working commitee Futher education in the school (KOMPiS) (autumn 2009->)

Member in the referance group "Politics for further education at NTNU 2015-2020" (autumn 2014- spring 2015)
Member of The Faculty of Humanities' resource group "Innovative study forms" (spring 2015)
Co-ordinator for Section of Scandinavian Language (autumn 2013-autumn 2015)
Contact person for NORLIKS (spring 2013 -> February 2014)
Member of National Board for Norwegian Language and Literature (spring 2013 -> February 2014)
Member of the Programme Council for the 5 year master program in teacher education in language (spring 2010 -> february 2014)
Contact person for teacher studies at the Departement of Scandinavian Studies and Comparative Literature (spring 2010 -> February 2014)
Safety deputy at the Departement of Scandinavian Studies and Comparative Literature (01.01.2011 - 31.12.2013)
Member of subjectclose group for the teacher education group in langauge (vår 2012)
Member of web committee at the Departement of Scandinavian Studies and Comparative Literature (spring 2010 - autumn 2010)
Member of profiling committee at Departement of Language and Communication. Recruiting and profiling work. (2008)
Member of nomination Committee. Organizing and implementing the election of member for the Departement Council at the Departement of Language and Communication (spring 2007)

CV (short version):
FEB 2010 ->: Associate professor in Scandinavian Languages, Departement of Scandinavian Studies and Comparative Literature (DSSCL); from 01.08.2013 Departement of Language and Literature)
NOV 2009-FEB 2010: Associate professor in Norwegian, College of Higher Education in Nord-Trøndelag
MAR 2008-JUL 2009: Reseacher at the project for development of further education, 50% position, (DSSCL).
NOV 2007-NOV 2009: Post doctor at the project Diskursegenskaper ved norske nominalfraser, (DLC)
FEB 2003-DEC 2007: PhD student at the project BRAGE, (DLC)
AUG 2002-DEC 2002: Temporary position as high school teacher in Norwegian, Malvik high school
APR 2001-AUG 2002: Maternity leave
AUG 1998-APR 2001: Course developer and scriptwriter at M2S Norway AS

Presentation "Grammatikk er f**n meg artig!", seminar by Cappelen Damm, 08.04.16
Link to the easy-to-use program TreeDraw which make fabulous syntactic tree structures.
Short manual for TreeDraw
Standard for orthographical annotating of spontaneously speech in BRAGE


2003-2007                                                                                                  NTNU

  • PhD thesis "A neo-constructional approach to computer-oriented talk"
  • kult8850 Research and Society
  • språk8872 Language Theory
  • språk8860 Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
  • språk8890 Machine learning. Graduate School of Language Technology, Universitetet i Göteborg 

1991-1998                                                                                                    NTNU

  • nord hoppg "Double object and similar constructions in Modern Norwegian"
  • nord210 Self-elected topic in Language
  • nord203 Norwegian Language Structure
  • nord hfte Scientific Theory, Cand.Philol.
  • ped106 Teaching and Learning
  • nord101 Scandinavian Language
  • nord102 Scandinavian Literature
  • nord202 Old Norse
  • nord205 Scandinavian texts
  • fp.språkv Preliminary examination in Linguistics
  • fp.fon Preliminary examination in Phonetics
  • ex.phil Examen philosophicum
  • fransk (90 study points) French language and literature
    1 year practical-pedagogical teacher education 
  • pt1 Pedagogical Theory, part I
  • nord103 Subject didactics in Scandinavian Studies, part I
  • pt2 Pedagogical Theory, part I
  • ppnord Subject didactics in Scandinavian Studies, part I
  • ppfra Subject didactics in French language and literature, part II

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Brøseth, Heidi; Eide, Kristin Melum; Åfarli, Tor Anders. (2019) Språket som system: Norsk språkstruktur. Fagbokforlaget. 2019. ISBN 978-82-450-2166-0.

Part of book/report

  • Brøseth, Heidi. (2019) Syntaks: Funksjonsanalyse. Språket som system: Norsk språkstruktur.
  • Brøseth, Heidi; Nygård, Mari. (2019) Grammatikkdidaktikk. Språket som system: Norsk språkstruktur.
  • Brøseth, Heidi; Hauge, Helene; Norbeck, Helene. (2013) "I enjoyed using SRS in the classroom" - A research study of Student Response System in Norwegian classes and in further education of language teachers in Norway. The Joy of Learning : Enhancing Learning Experience : Improving Learning Quality Proceedings of the European Distance and E-Learning Network 2013 Annual Conference.
  • Borthen, Kaja; Brøseth, Heidi. (2010) The procedural and conceptual meaning of 'they'. In the Mind and across Minds: A Relevance-Theoretic Perspective on Communication and Translation.
  • Brøseth, Heidi; Fufen, Jin. (2008) The cognitive status Referential and its referring forms: A comparative analysis of Chinese, Norwegian, and English. Comparative Grammar and Language Acquisition in the Age of Globalization: Norwegian and Chinese.


  • Sjong, Hedda Kaarstad; Brøseth, Heidi. (2017) Fire norsklæreres syn på grammatikkens posisjon i sin norskundervisning. 2017.
  • Nilsen, Julie; Brøseth, Heidi. (2015) "Forklar arbeidsoppgavene til maskinførerne" En analyse av norskfaglige skriveoppgaver i yrkesfaglige utdanningsprogram. 2015.
  • Brøseth, Heidi; Nordgård, Torbjørn; Åfarli, Tor Anders; Johnsen, Magne Hallstein. (2007) A neo-constructional approach to computeroriented talk. 2007. ISBN 978-82-471-5739-8. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU (257).