Background and activities

Ph.D. candidate within Mg-ion batteries. 

In August 2017, I began my PhD at Department of Materials Science and Engineering at NTNU, where I work with developing novel and cheap cathode materials for Magnesium-ion batteries. Magnesium-ion batteries have multiple advantages over Li-ion batteries, and are comparably still barely explored. I am part of the research groups Inorganic Materials and Ceramics and Electrochemistry

My motivation is to contribute to a greener society driven by renewables, where efficient energy storage is essential. 


I finished my engineering degree at the Nanotechnology study program at NTNU during the spring of 2017, with a specialization within materials, energy and environment. In my master thesis I worked with improving the anode material in today's Li-ion batteries. More precisely, I investigated different degradation mechanisms in Si anodes, by using post mortem SEM, EDX, FIB and FTIR.