Background and activities

I am a PhD-candidate at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, working under the supervision of Prof. Frode Seland and Prof. Bruno Pollet. My work revolves around sonochemical synthesis of nanocatalysts for applications related to electrochemical energy conversion. In my reasearch I will explore how different ultrasound parameters influence the particle properties and catalytic activity of a range of different materials, both noble metals and non-PGM materials. As the sonochemical synthesis is optimized I will also attempt to scale it up for industrial applications. If this proves successful, I will be able to develop better and cheaper catalysts for fuel cells, water electrolyzers, and other electrochemical systems which will make hydrogen more competaitve with fossil fuels.

I completed my masters degree in nanotechnology from NTNU in 2019, where I specialized in nanotechnology for materials science, energy and environment. My master thesis was centered around the recombination mechanisms of dye-sensitized solar cells. Use of photoelectrochemical characterization techniques such as impedance spectroscopy was therefore a central part of the work.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications