Background and activities

Student advisor for the 2- and 5-year masterprogramme in Biotechnology (MSBIOTECH and MBIOT5)

  • Student counselling
  • Individual education plans and diplomas
  • Applications for Leave of absence and part-time studies
  • Approvals of studies abroad and external education
  • Revision of syllabus
  • Admissions to MSBIOTECH
  • Secretary for the Programme council in Biotechnology

Senior executive officer at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science

  • Administration of courses (BT, TBT)
  • Local administrative support - Blackboard
  • Registration of compulsory assignments
  • Quality assurance for exam papers
  • Master's theses for MBIOT5, MSBIOTECH, MTKJ-BT and MIKJ-BT.
  • Managerial support

Academic background