Background and activities

Hoai Nam Le (1991) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Electric Power Engineering. He belongs to the Power Electronic Systems and Components (PESC) Group.

He earned a PhD Degree in Power Electronics in Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan, with an outstanding graduate student award in March 2019.

Main fields of research

Power electronic systems. Design and control of energy conversion systems for renewable energy applications and energy storage applications, including:

  • Modeling and control of power conversion systems in Photovoltaic systems (including regulator tuning, controller stability analysis, and system linearization),
  • Analysis of power quality issues arising from grid connection of low-impedance grid-tied converters and compliance with grid codes,
  • Multi-objective optimization design of power electronic conversion systems in terms of losses, weight, cost, etc,
  • Evaluation of numerous topologies applying with Solid State Transformers (SST) such as matrix converters, multi-level converters, dual active bridge (DAB) converters, LLC converters, flyback converters, etc.

Motor control. Control of high-speed motors for compressor applications, including:

  • Development of high-speed PMSM control operating under synchronous PWM based on V/f control with high frequency oscillation damping,
  • Evaluation of optimized motor current waveforms to achieve high efficiency.

Offshore energy systems. Design of power distribution systems for marine energy applications, including:

  • Multi-objective optimization design of MVDC power distribution grid for deep sea applications,
  • Laboratory testing of optimized grid system using Power Hardware-in-Loop techniques.

Work Experience

  • August 2019 – present: Postdoctoral Fellow, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim, Norway)
  • April 2019 – July 2019: Postdoctoral Fellow, Nagaoka University of Technology (Nagaoka, Japan)

International Academy Membership

  • Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (+IEEE PELS)
  • Member of Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan


Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications