Background and activities

Professor in computational fluid dynamics applied in chemical reactor engineering.



  • TKP4160/KP8904 Transport Phenomena
  • TKP4145/KP8902 Reactor Technology
  • TKP12 Reactor Modeling (specialization module)
  • KP8128 Advanced Reactor Modeling  


Multiphase reactive flow modeling

  •  Reactor technology (e.g., packed bed, fluidized bed, bubble column, bioreactor)
  •  Phase separation (e.g., scrubbers, gravity separators)

Numerical methods in computational fluid dynamics (single- and multiphase flows) 

  • Finite volume methods
  • Weighted Residual Methods (Collocation, Galerkin, Tau, Least-Squares)

Population Balance Modeling

Experimental analysis

  • Fluid particle breakage and coalescence
  • Sorption enhanced - steam methane reforming (SE-SMR)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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