Background and activities

I'm currently responsible for the Information Architecture course for master’s students in interaction design on NTNU’s Gjøvik campus. I also teach in the bachelor's program in graphic design and advise master’s theses.

Among the design-related topics I’m interested in are:

  • typography, information graphics, and wayfinding design
  • user-centered information and interaction design (in print and on the web)
  • standards and conventions (alphabetical order, paper sizes, rule of the road, Unicode, measurement, notation, etc.)
  • categorization and labeling (creating categories, naming and numbering)
  • identity and civil registration (how to identify and authenticate people and ensure that they have access to their rights as members of a society)
  • consumer advocacy (misunderstandings, incentive structures, clear language, knowledge imbalances, game theory, consumer journalism)
  • the Nordic countries and their design history
  • travel information, guidebooks, tourism

I am also involved in the Great Migration Study Project, a large historical research endeavor whose aim is to create biographies of all of the individuals and families who emigrated from England to New England between 1620 and 1640. I am writing about those who came between 1636 and 1638.

Please follow the links to my personal website and publications list.