Background and activities

Ida Marie Lyså is a postdoc in interdisciplinary childhood and youth studies at the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning. She has a MA degree in social anthropology (UiB) and a PhD in interdisciplinary child research (NTNU). Idas dissertation Duties and Privileges: An Ethnographic Study of Discipline as Relational Practice in two Urban Chinese Kindergartens (2018) is about children’s everyday experiences with disciplinarian practices in Chinese kindergartens, including how such practices are connected with contextual understanding of children, childhood and the individual in Chinese context. In her postdoc, Ida will look at Ghanaian youths’ experiences and imaginations of their contemporary and future lives in Accra, Ghana.

Ida teaches in several courses from BA to PhD-level in interdisciplinary child research, and supervises master students in Mphil in Childhood studies.


Academic interests:

  • Cultural understanding and cultural encounters
  • Discipline and children everyday lives
  • Children’s rights - discourses and perspectives
  • Qualitative methods, methodology and ethics
  • Children and youth in Africa


Research group membership:



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Part of book/report

  • Lyså, Ida Marie. (2012) Danningsbegrepet som analytisk begrep i lys av nyere barndomssosiologi. Barnehagen som danningsarena.


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