Background and activities

PhD topic: Insulin absorption from intraperitoneal space. Main supervisor: Sverre Christian Christiansen  

Received MSc degree in Natural Science at University of Latvia in 2012. Completed studies at Paul Stradins Health and Social Care College in 2006, where received education in internal medicine and attained the diploma of Biomedical Laboratory Assistant.  Started working as a PhD candidate for APT in February 2016. The work focused on insulin absorption from the intraperitoneal cavity.

Started work as a researcher for the Bone and Endocrinology group in October 2020. The work focuses on vitamin A deficiency and inadequacy during pregnancy, and association with pregnancy outcomes, including birth weight. Main topics: to study the effect of maternal vitamin A inadequacy during pregnancy and BMD, body composition, and metabolic parameters in the offspring; and investigate the effect of vitamin A levels in the osteocyte cell line.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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