Ingebrigt Meisingset

Department of Public Health and General Practice: PhD Candidate Department of Public Health and Nursing
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Håkon Jarls gate 11, Øya Helsehus * 153.05.010

Background and activities

I`m studying movement and movement control and associations with pain and self reported function in chronic neck pain patients


2016-2020: Post doc NTNU

2012-2016: Phd candidate NTNU

2010-2012: Physiotherapist in primary health care

2008-2010: MSc Exercise Physiology and Sport Science,NTNU

2004-2007: BSc Physiotherapy, HIST


Phd project:

My study, movement and motor control in chronic neck pain patients, is a part of a large project called FYSIOPRIM (Physiotherapy in primary health care). In our lab we can do several tests for motor control :

  • Range of motion and joint position error
  • The Fly test (from Kristjansson) and trajectory of a figure of eight used in a previous phd project in our lab
  • Postural balance
  • Head lift test

In our lab we use a 3D measuring device from Polhemus (Liberty). The lab is developed in close cooperation with engineers from NTNU.

I want to study the association between pain and self reported function and movement and motor control. The datacollection started in January 2013 and will go on for a year.






Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Meisingset, Ingebrigt. (2017) Motion,Motor Control and Psychological Factors in Neck Pain. 2017.