Background and activities

Ingebrigt Meisingset is a Researcher at Department of Public Health and Nursing at NTNU in the Musculoskeletal Research Group ( The research encompasses the most common musculoskeletal complaints in Primary Health Care, such as neck, shoulder and low back pain, from prognostic studies to subgrouping studies, development of a computerized clinical decision support system for physiotherapy, and descriptive studies of patients receiving physiotherapy in primary health care. 


2020-         :Researcher NTNU

2016-2020: Post doc NTNU

2012-2016: Phd candidate NTNU 

2010-2012: Physiotherapist in primary health care

2008-2010: MSc Exercise Physiology and Sport Science,NTNU

2004-2007: BSc Physiotherapy, HIST


Current research projects


FYSIOPRIM is a collaboration with University of Oslo and the Municipality of Trondheim, we currently collect large amounts of patient and therapist data from physiotherapy primary care by tablet computers throughout Norway, and aims to compile knowledge of patients, treatment and their outcome. 

2. Computerized clinical decision support system (SUPPORTPRIM)

Development of a computerized clinical decision support system applying case based reasoning on patient data from the FYSIOPRIM project. The aim is to give physiotherapists and their patients support and advice for treatment based on knowledge of previuos and similar patients with successful outcome. This project will thus move from advising treatment based on average treatment effects from RCTs to personalised recommendations and shared decision making based on knowledge of successful outcome in previuos similar patients. 







Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications



  • Meisingset, Ingebrigt. (2017) Motion,Motor Control and Psychological Factors in Neck Pain. 2017.