Background and activities


Inger Andresen is a professor in Integrated Energy Design and teaches within the international MSc Program Sustainable Architecture. She is also leading continuing education courses on Zero Emission Buildings.
Andresen is a leader of the research on pilot and demonstration buildings within the Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings ( She is also involved in the R&D project "Passive Climatization of buildings" in cooperation with SINTEF Building and Infrastructure and several partnes within the Norwegian buildng industry. In addition, she is involved in the research project "Planning Instruments for Smart Energy Communities", which starts up in 2016.

Fields of competence

Inger Andresen is focusing on developing concepts and solutions for zero emission buildings and plus energy houses. Her main research interest is to develop effective energy solutions that are integral parts of the building design and that supports the realisation of sustainable buildings and good architecture. Her focus is not only on energy efficiency and low carbon footprint, but also on solutions that perform well with respect to indoor and outdoor environment, economics and social aspects.

Andresen has a PhD in Integrated energy design from NTNU (2000) og a masters degree in "Building energy systems" from University of Colorado (1991).



Inger Andresen have more than 20 years of experience from research and development within the fields of energy efficient buildings and renewable energy. She also has experience from consulting and construction practices. Andresen has been engaged as a researcher at SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, she has been an environmental manager at LINK architecture, and an energy advisor at Skanska Norway. She has also been engaged by the Norwegian Green Building Council for developing BREEAM-NOR within the areas of energy and indoor environment. Inger is  certified as BREEAM AP and LEED AP.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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