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Cand med, University of Oslo 1995. Consultant at Dept Obst/Gynecology, St Olavs hospital from 2003. From 01.05.13 stipendiat at Inst of samfunnsmed, NTNU

My project is about how to avoid overtreatment of cervical dysplasia (i.e. cellchanges of the cervix uteri). Dysplasia is caused by infection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and both the virus infection and dysplasia that may follow, is very common. Most infections and dysplasias disappear by themselves (regress), espesially in  young women, but som persist and can lead to cervical cancer. Today we do not know which dysplasias that will disappear by themselves (regress) and which will persist, so we treat all moderate and severe dysplasias the same way by conisation where the outermost part of the cervix is removed. This treatment leads to increased risk of preterm labour. We have included 300 patients with cervical dysplasi and will investigate to see if our markers can predict regression, persistance or progression. If so we will mayby be able to individualize treatment of cervical dysplasia.

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