Background and activities

I am a PhD-candidate in Linguistics at the Department of Language and Literature. I have an MA in English Linguistics from NTNU. My PhD-project investigates constraints on movement in Norwegian and English and the origins of these constraints. The project also involves the use of computational learning models to better understand the origins of the constraints. I am a member of the research group AcqVa.

I also teach courses in English Linguistics, and have completed Teacher Training at NTNU.


I have previously worked with transcription on the LIA-project and on RELEMAST (UiT).


Research interests:

  • Syntax
  • Syntactic constraints
  • That-trace effects
  • Islands
  • Adjunct islands
  • Comparative syntax
  • Computational linguistics
  • Experimental syntax
  • Language acquisition

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Bondevik, Ingrid. (2018) Investigating the universality of adjunct islands through formal acceptability experiments. - A comparative study of English and Norwegian. 2018.