Background and activities

Study adviser for Master programme in Natural Resource Management (MSNARM)

For questions about the programme; study plan and exams; handing in your master's thesis; leaves, reduced study progression and extensions; study technique and coping.

I usually sit in my office at D1-119 (mazemap link). Feel free to knock on my door and drop by; my door is mostly open and I usually have time for a chat. If you want to schedule a meeting that is also fine, just send me an email or call me.

Department executive officer at department of biology

  • Administration of courses
  • Local administrative support (blackboard)
  • Quality control and handing in of exams, and the administrative contact for digita exams
  • Handing in master's degrees
  • Duty work



  • Teacher training - University of South East Norway - science didactics
  • Master of technology - NTNU - industrial chemistry & biotechnology - organic chemistry