Background and activities

I am Head of the Department of Geriatrics, St Olav hospital and professor at the Department of Neuromedicine and movement science, Norwegian, University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

I completed medical studies in 1987 and specialties within internal medicine and geriatric medicine in 2000. My thesis "Treatment of acutely sick, frail elderly patient in a geriatric evaluation and management unit. Results from a prospective randomised study" was defended in 2006 at NTNU.

I have comprehensive experience in clinical work with geriatric patients referred to the hospital.

For many years, I have been teaching medical students at NTNU and I have also been teaching other students, health care professionals and public groups.

My research has focused mainly on comprehensive geriatric assessment and cognitive impairment (dementia and delirum) in the elderly. My thesis was a randomised study showing that acutely sick geriatric patients had benefit from treatment in an acute geriatric ward as compared to medical wards. Later we have also shown that home-dwelling hip fracture patients had benefit from treatment in a geriatric ward as compared to an orthopaedic ward, and that the treatment was cost-efficient. These results were published in the Lancet. We have now one ongoing study in collaboration with Innlandet hospital trust (PI is professor Marit Slaaen Jordhøy). In the cluster-randomised pilot study we investigate elderly cancer patients who get radiotherapy. In the LAST-long study we study follow-up of stroke patients and if functional decline can be prevented by offering geriatric assessment and a personilsed follow-up (PI is professor Torunn Askim).

In my research on elderly patients with cognitive impairment I have been involved in studies on progression of Alzheimers disease, acute delirium, risk factors for dementia and the association between cognition and motoric function. We are also part of the NorKOG network and recruiting patients being assessed for cognitive impairment and thereby also in the DemGene study that is focusing on genetics and dementia. 

I am principal investigator of the Nor-COAST (Norwegian Cognitive Impairment After Stroke Study) is a multi centre study funded by the National Health association A total of 815 stroke patients are included at 5 different hospitals and are folllowed for three years, data collection will be finished in March 2020. 2017. There are several phd-students and postdocs and we expect several papers published in peer reviewed journals.