Background and activities

Ingvill Stuvøy is currently a postdoc affiliated with the research group "Sustainability of the Nordic model in work-life and welfare state". She has a PhD (2018) in sociology from NTNU and a BA (2008) and MA (2011) from University of Copenhagen. Ingvill's PhD thesis Parenthood at a price. Accounting for the viability of transnational surrogacy examined the social meaning of money in transnational surrogacy, taking as her starting point the travels undertaken by Norwegian citizens in order to have a child born to them abroad by a surrogate mother. As part of her postdoc, Ingvill is currently working on different forms of mobility and migration, including the "repro-migration" she studied for her PhD thesis. The aim is to contribute with knowledge on the welfare state politics on migration and care for children. 

Main research areas are surrogacy; reproduction; assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs); body; gender; stratification and inequality; repro-migration; money; (bio)economy; welfare state; qualitative methods; feminist theory; economic sociology; sociology of the family.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Stuvøy, Ingvill. (2016) Surrogati: Reproduksjon i globalt farvann. Reproduksjon, kjønn og likestilling i dagens Norge.


  • Stuvøy, Ingvill. (2018) Parenthood at a price. Accounting for the viability of transnational surrogacy. 2018. ISBN 978-82-326-3180-3.