Background and activities

Principal investigator/group leader at the Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science, NTNU;  Steering committee member, NTNU Biotechnology, Tissue Engineering R&D Stream; Secretary General and elected board member of the Norwegian Neuroscience Society (NNS); member of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS).

Research interests: CNS damage and repair, morphogenetic neuroengineering, neuroplasticity/network neuroscience; connectomics


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Aaser, Peter; Knudsen, Martinius; Huse Ramstad, Ola; van de Wijdeven, Rosanne; Nichele, Stefano; Sandvig, Ioanna; Tufte, Gunnar; Bauer, Ulrich Stefan; Halaas, Øyvind; Hendseth, Sverre; Sandvig, Axel; Valderhaug, Vibeke Devold. (2017) Towards Making a Cyborg: A Closed-Loop Reservoir-Neuro System. Proceedings of the European Conference on Artificial Life 2017.
  • Sandvig, Ioanna; Sandvig, Axel. (2014) Using Manganese-Enhanced MRI to Assess Optic Nerve Regeneration. Axon Growth and Regeneration : Methods and Protocols.


  • Sandvig, Ioanna. (2011) The role of olfactory ensheathing cells, MRI, and biomaterials in transplant-mediated CNS repair. Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet. 2011. ISBN 978-82-471-3074-2.