Background and activities

I studied Linguistics at the University of Innsbruck (MA) and the University of Birmingham in the UK (MA and PhD) before taking up my current position as a postdoc in the Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab in 2018. My PhD project was on iconic gestures and their interaction with speech during production and comprehension processes.

Current Research
Currently, I am working on semantic composition using EEG as my main experimental method. More specifically, I am interested in how our brain combines single words in order to make sense of phrases and sentences.


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Fritz I., Kita S., Littlemore J., & Krott A. (2015) The Influence of Clause Structure on Gestural Depiction of Motion Events. In G. Ferré, & M. Tutton (Eds.), Proceedings of the 4th GESPIN - Gesture & Speech in Interaction Conference. Nantes: Université of Nantes, 113-117.