Background and activities


I am Associate Professor of Scandinavian linguistics in the Department of Language and Literature. I defended my PhD thesis Eit seinmellomalderleg skrivemiljø: Nidaros erkesete 1458–1537 ['A late medieval scribal community: Nidaros archdiocese 1458–1537'] at NTNU in 2013. I then had a postdoctoral research grant from the Norwegian Research Council on Old Norse: The philological construction and new perspectives).

Research interests:

  • Language history
  • Historical sociolinguistics
  • History of linguistics and philology
  • Old Norse philology
  • Historical-comparative linguistics more generally

Middle Norwegian

I have worked  much on linguistic change in Middle Norwegian (ca. 1350–1550) and have put together a bibliography for the period (in Norwegian). Additions in order to make it as complete as possible are welcome.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database

Journal publications


  • Berg, Ivar; Dalen, Arnold; Seim, Karin J Fjellhammer. (2013) Runestudiar. Festskrift til Jan Ragnar Hagland. Akademika forlag. 2013. ISBN 978-82321-0215-0.

Part of book/report

  • Berg, Ivar. (2017) Business writing in early sixteenth-century Norway. Merchants of Innovation. The Languages of Traders.
  • Berg, Ivar. (2017) Kor gamle er dei norske dialektane?. Ideologi, identitet, intervention. Nordisk dialektologi 10.
  • Berg, Ivar. (2017) Språkhistorie. Norsk 5-10: Språkboka.
  • Berg, Ivar. (2016) The Making of the Scandinavian Languages. Metalinguistic Perspectives on Germanic Languages. European Case Studies from Past to Present.
  • Berg, Ivar. (2015) Stages in deflexion and the Norwegian dative. Historical Linguistics 2013.
  • Berg, Ivar. (2014) Mellomnorsk bibliografi 1350--1525. Endre-boka. Postfestumskrift til Endre Mørck.
  • Berg, Ivar. (2014) Rural Literacy in Sixteenth Century Norway. Vernacular Literacies - Past, Present and Future.
  • Berg, Ivar. (2013) Variation in a Norwegian sixteenth-century scribal community. Scribes as agents of language change.
  • Berg, Ivar; Dalen, Arnold; Seim, Karin J Fjellhammer. (2013) Jan Ragnar Hagland -- fagleg profil. Runestudiar. Festskrift til Jan Ragnar Hagland.
  • Berg, Ivar. (2011) Mellom norsk og dansk: Skriftspråk og talemål ikring 1500. Norsk språkhistorie i eldre nynorsk tid (1525-1814) : minneskrift for Kjartan Ottosson.


  • Berg, Ivar; Hagland, Jan Ragnar. (2013) Eit seinmellomalderleg skrivemiljø: Nidaros erkesete 1458-1537. 2013. ISBN 978-82-471-4089-5.
  • Hagland, Jan Ragnar; Berg, Ivar. (2006) Nytt i gammalt. Kasusbruk i skrifter frå Trøndelag 1470-1500. 2006.