Background and activities

I am interested in microbial ecology and the co-evolution of microbial communities and their hosts. At INH I am working as a postdoc in salmon hologenomics on the HoloFish project. This project explores how the genome and microbiome interact to influence salmon growth and quality. It utilises multiple 'omics datasets (genomic, transcriptomic, metagenomic, metabolomic) to test evolutionary hypotheses about the 'hologenome', with the aim to increase feed efficiency in industrial salmon production, and is a international collaboration between a number of Norwegian and Danish universities and industry partners.

Previously, I spent 3 years as a postdoc at Animal Ecology in Uppsala University, Sweden, where I used metagenomics to study the evolution of the oral microbiome preserved in dental calculus of reindeer and brown bear museum specimens. I undertook my Bachelor of Science (in microbiology and computational science) and PhD at The University of Queensland, Australia, where I investigated viral and bacterial interactions in young children with respiratory infections.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications