Background and activities

Head of Department at the Department of Historical and Classical Studies

As the Head of Department I am the unit’s chief executive. My job is to ensure that the activities are managed within the framework of the regulations, decisions made at higher levels, and I have general authority to deal with ongoing matters, within the limitations imposed by NTNU’s delegation regulations.   

Among my duties, the most important ones are to 

  • lead and develop the activities of the unit, focusing on core tasks 
  • participate in the institution’s strategic work, ensure that the unit has up-to-date strategies and that these are followed up 
  • create a positive organizational culture and foster a productive and satisfying environment for students and staff 
  • ensure the practice of good academic leadership emphasizing quality of teaching and research 
  • be responsible for suitable technical and administrative services  
  • represent and position the unit and promote internal and external cooperation 
  • make the arrangements necessary to foster students’ learning and work environment 
  • represent the employer, ensure that employees are heard and safeguard the organizations’ right of participation and co-determination
  • ensure that the unit has effective and appropriate governance and control systems so that stipulated goals and performance requirements can be monitored, the use of resources is effective, the reporting is reliable, and the institution is run in compliance with the legislation and regulations in effect (internal control). 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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