Background and activities

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Industrial Ecology Programme. My research interests are related to the Paris agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. I work with climate change mitagation, energy systems, mobility, and land and water resource management. 

My research activities include:

  • Climate change mitigation and sustainable development.
  • Renewable energy deployment with focus on bioenergy and solar photovoltaics.
  • Land-energy-water nexus analyses.
  • Zero emission neighbourhoods.
  • Urban mobility.
  • Land-based carbon dioxide removal (afforestation and BECCS).
  • Land-surface atmosphere interactions.

I have a PhD in Industrial Ecology from NTNU on sustainable use of land and water resources for bioenergy production. 

Currently, I am involved in the Zero Emission Neighbourhoods project. Activities include modelling of urban mobility and the development of mitigation strategies for the transport sector.


  • Næss, J. S. (2022). Advancing sustainable land and water management strategies for deployment of bioenergy production systems. Doctoral thesis at NTNU. 

  • Næss, J. S., Iordan, C. M., Muri, H., & Cherubini, F. (2022). Energy potentials and water requirements from perennial grasses on abandoned land in the former Soviet Union. Environmental Research Letters.

  • Næss, J.S., Cavalett, O. & Cherubini, F. The land–energy–water nexus of global bioenergy potentials from abandoned cropland. Nature Sustainability 4, 525–536 (2021).

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  • Hu, X., Næss, J. S., Iordan, C. M., Huang, B., Zhao, W., & Cherubini, F. (2021). Recent global land cover dynamics and implications for soil erosion and carbon losses from deforestation. Anthropocene34, 100291.

  • Zhou, N., Hu, X., Byskov, I., Næss, J. S., Wu, Q., Zhao, W., & Cherubini, F. (2021). Overview of recent land cover changes, forest harvest areas, and soil erosion trends in Nordic countries. Geography and Sustainability2(3), 163-174.

  • Urrego, J. P. F., Huang, B., Næss, J. S., Hu, X., & Cherubini, F. (2021). Meta-analysis of leaf area index, canopy height and root depth of three bioenergy crops and their effects on land surface modeling. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology306, 108444. 

  • Sandberg, N. H., Næss, J. S., Brattebø, H., Andresen, I., & Gustavsen, A. (2021). Large potentials for energy saving and greenhouse gas emission reductions from large-scale deployment of zero emission building technologies in a national building stock. Energy Policy152, 112114. 

  • Nord, N., Sandberg, N. H., Ngo, H., Nesgård, E., Woszczek, A., Tereshchenko, T., Næss, J. S., & Brattebø, H. (2019). Future energy pathways for a university campus considering possibilities for energy efficiency improvements. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 352, No. 1, p. 012037). IOP Publishing. 


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Scientific, academic and artistic work

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