Background and activities

PhD candidate at the Industrial Ecology Programme. Main research interests are related to climate change mitigation, bioenergy and land cover use.

Previously involved in research on dynamic building stock modelling and energy- and emission analyses of building stocks. FME ZEN - The Research Centre on Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Sandberg, Nina Holck; Næss, Jan Sandstad; Gustavsen, Arild; Andresen, Inger; Brattebø, Helge. (2019) Energianalyse for bygningsmassen i Oslo. Scenarioanalyse av energibruk og klimagassutslipp 2009–2040. 2019. ISBN 978-82-536-1619-3. ZEN Report (14).
  • Næss, Jan Sandstad; Sandberg, Nina Holck; Nord, Natasa; Vestrum, Magnus Inderberg; Lausselet, Carine; Woszczek, Aleksandra; Rønneseth, Øystein; Brattebø, Helge. (2018) Neighbourhood building stock model for long-term dynamic analyses of energy demand and GHG emissions. SINTEF akademisk forlag. 2018. ISBN 978-82-536-1569-1. ZEN Report (2).