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  • Hertwich, Edgar G.; Weinzettel, Jan; Bouman, Evert; Gibon, Thomas; Arvesen, Anders; Knápek, Jaroslav. (2016) Matching supply and demand: grid and storage. Green energy choices: the benefits, risks and trade-offs of low-carbon technologies for electricity production.
  • Grubler, Arnulf; Johansson, Thomas B.; Mundaca, Luis; Nakicenovic, Nebojsa; Pachauri, Shonali; Riahi, Keywan; Rogner, Hans-Holger; Strupeit, Lars; Kolp, Peter; Krey, Volker; Macknick, Jordan; Nagai, Yu; Rogner, Mathis L.; Smith, Kirk R.; Steen-Olsen, Kjartan; Weinzettel, Jan. (2012) Energy Primer. Global Energy Assessment. Toward a Sustainable Future.