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Applied population genetics and fisheries biology studies for the identification, description and delineation of stocks of commercially important marine fish species in the Atlantic. Tools are electrophoretic markers (blood proteins, isozymes and DNA), tagging/recapture experiments and transplantation experiments. Putative stocks are described with respect to individual growth rates, gonad maturation dynamics, stock recruitment, stock size estimates and relative year-class strengths. Numeric computer simulations of evolutionary processes, including genome-milieu interactions (natural selection) are utilised for combining genetic, biological and physical variables. Study materials include an extensive time series (~35 years, or 9 consecutive cod generations) of samples of the Trondheimsfjord cod stock, a geographic collection covering most of the Norwegian coast for cod and five other gadoid species, and a distributionwide collection of cod, blue whiting, hake and poor cod samples in the North Atlantic.



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