Background and activities


BA, Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia 1978; MA, Government, Georgetown University 1980; MA (1981), PhD (1990) International Studies, Graduate School of International Studies (now the Josef Korbel School of International Studies), University of Denver.
    Areas of research: comparative politics, civil society, fisheries management, religion, revolution and collective action and international politics.
    Publications in European Journal of International Relations, Marine Policy, Journal of Environment and Development, Internasjonal politikk, and others. Co-editor of book Fundamentalism and the Modern World (2 volumes) (with Mårtensson, Ringrose & Dyrendal) and Raudåte -- redning eller ruin? (with Tretvik, Tiller & Otterstad).

     Project leader for NFR project No. 216607 CINTERA (A Cross-disciplinary Integrated Eco-Systemic Eurtophication Research and Management Approach) and NFR Project No. 216604 JANUS (Modeling an Interdisciplinary Early Warning System for Future Fisheries Scenarios: A socio-bio-economic value chain).
     Participant in EU project MYFISH. Member of “Dialogues on Aquaculture” (an NTNU Research Group), NTNU’s Marine Strategic Area, the  NTNU-SINTEF Gemini Center for Sustainable Fisheries and the International Council for Exploration of the Seas’ Working Group for Marine Systems (WGMARS).

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