Background and activities

I am the Vice-Dean of Research at the Faculty until 2025. As Vice-Dean Research I have the following responsibilities in close collaboration with the Rectorate, Faculty management and Departments: 

  • Build research and development as core activities through strategic leadership
  • Lead and develop doctoral education
  • Lead the faculty Research Committee and other arenas for research and innovation
  • represent the faculty in research contexts locally, nationally and internationally
Key words are research culture, research strategy, research politics, research ethics, research funding and internationalization horizontally and vertically throughout the organization.
My background is in Religious Studies. My work is primarily in the fields of Religious Education, theory and methodology, and contemporary religion in the West. I am specialized in modern Satanism and alternative currents, RE as theory and practice, and the study of religion in general.
Current fields of interest include
  • Conspiracy thinking in school and society (I co-manage the research group KONSPISK)
  • Science as replacement religion, including teacher values in school, secularity and non-religion, secular apocalypses
  • the academization of Religious Education
  • transgressive art and religion
  • religion and popular culture

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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