Background and activities

Jo Arve Alfredsen (born 1969) has been an Associate professor at the Department of Engineering Cybernetics since 2004. He has a PhD and a Master in Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU and belongs to the research group on Automation in Fisheries and Aquaculture.


Jo Arve’s research area is focused on how automation in a broad sense can be applied to enhance the design and operation of marine production and harvesting systems and for exploration of the seas. Important topics include systems biology, mathematical modelling, and specialized instrumentation, sensors and control systems.

Present research includes:

  •  Mathematical modelling, numerical simulation and analysis of marine biological systems including physiology, ecology and behavior of fish and other marine organisms under culture or free-ranging conditions
  • Monitoring, estimation and control of aquaculture production systems for plankton, fish larvae and juveniles, and on-growing fish
  • Instrumentation systems and integrated sensor solutions for aquaculture production systems and monitoring of marine life
  • Fish telemetry technology


Jo Arve is currently responsible for the following courses:

Course code

Course title


Industrial and Embedded Computer Systems Design


Topics in Fisheries and Aquaculture Cybernetics for PhD students


Fish telemetry



He also coordinates the specialization study in fisheries and aquaculture cybernetics.

Several Master projects or specialization projects (fordypningsprosjekt) are currently available in the areas of automation in fisheries and aquaculture and marine instrumentation. If you are looking for opportunities in these areas you are invited to contact Jo Arve for suggestions.