Background and activities

In-vivo biopolymer engineering

My research scope is on in-vivo biopolymer engineering of microbial polysaccharides, to elucidate the corresponding biosynthesis pathways as well as to realize novel chemical structures. For this we use e.g. tailored CRISPR-Cas systems for Gram-negative as well as Gram-positive microorganisms such as Xanthomonas campestris or Paenibacillus polymyxa.

By this approach we want to enhance our insights in fundamental structure-function-relationship of microbial polysaccharides and at the same time enhance the portfolio of microbial polysaccharide variants for selected industrial applications.

In addition, we use synthetic and systems biological tools for targeted metabolic and genetic engineering for the most efficient production of biobased chemicals and polymers.

Research activities and methodologies:

- Biopolymer Engineering

- Synthetic Biology

- Polysaccharide Biosynthesis Engineering

- Metabolic Engineering



Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts: